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Whole Food and Recipes

So many delicious foods out there! Are you stuck in a routine of eating the same old things? Do you want to veer away from all the processed food, and try some healthy whole food? I’ve got you covered with a growing selection of ideas and recipes. Find out why whole foods matter.

Kitcheree (Kitchari): Nourishing Ayurvedic Comfort Food

A bowl of kitcheree (kitchari) on a wooden table with a colorful scarf and decorative silver spoon.

Sometimes you just want to eat something warm, soft and comforting. But you also want to be nourished, and get some protein. Kitcheree satisfies both of those needs. Kitcheree, or kitchari, fits the bill for both comfort and nutrition. In this article you will learn why kitchari is so delicious, easy to digest, and nourishing. […]

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Benefits of Honeycomb: Is It Really Good For You?

A bowl of honey with some honeycomb next to it. Text reads The Benefits of Honeycomb.

Honeycomb is so sweet, golden and delicious. Is it possible this decadent whole food is actually good for you? Read on to find out about the nutrients and health benefits of honeycomb. Are there nutrients in honeycomb? The macronutrients in honeycomb are pretty much carbohydrate, and that carbohydrate is pretty much sugar, 17 grams per

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