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Relax Better and Improve your Digestion


Can a stronger vagus nerve help you feel better?

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 You can strengthen your vagus nerve with simple food and lifestyle changes.

What will you get in this program?

  • understanding of what the vagus nerve is, and it’s role in digestion
  • relief from bloating, gas, constipation, and other symptoms caused by a weak vagus nerve
  • a plan for strengthening your own vagus nerve
  • the awesome feeling of well-being that comes from a healthy digestive system

Learn why relaxation and safety are so important for your gut.

Your body is an amazing organism, fearfully and wonderfully made! When it has everything it needs, it can heal, grow and thrive. Your digestive system is the gateway for nutrients to enter your body. When your digestive system is healthy, the rest of your body can be healthy.

In this program you will learn…

  • The anatomy of the vagus nerve.
  • The parts of the nervous system and how they affect digestion.
  • Why the vagus nerve can affect your voice, throat and swallowing reflex.
  • How the vagus nerve affects the movement of your digestive tract.
  • The connection of your vagus nerve with satiety signals.
  • How you can strengthen your vagus nerve and keep it healthy.
  • Nutrients that are important for the health of your nervous system.
  • About Polyvagal Theory.
  • Your own plan to put the things you learned into action.

The Process

The whole program is hosted on the Practice Better platform. You can view the lessons either on your computer, phone or ipad. All of the program material can be viewed and downloaded through Practice Better. 

The chat feature is built right in, so you do not need to jump over to social medial to interact with others who are in the program.

This is a self-paced program. You can complete it in as little as a day, or as long as six months.

I am always available to answer questions. You can contact me using the group chat, or if you want more privacy you can set up a one-on-one chat.

Work through the program at your own pace.

The program contains nine modules, containing short video or audio presentations, handouts and worksheets.

Every time you complete a module, the next one opens.

You will have access to the program for six months, including any updates that are made.

More questions? 

Are you ready?

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Your investment:


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